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CSS Security Limited is dedicated to providing an excellent service through highly trained, loyal and committed employees. We aim to attract, recruit and retain highly capable security officers as part of our security team. As a potential employee, you can be assured that if you join our team, you will always have the best. We believe that it is essential that all employees are treated fairly with dignity and respect. We are continually seeking highly motivated individuals with impeccable character to join our ever expanding team of security professionals.

Following an application the following procedure is undertaken:

  • All applicants are required to complete our detailed application form from which an overall picture of their background is obtained.
  • The application form is then checked for any deficiency, e.g. a gap period that cannot be substantiated or an unacceptable turnover of positions.
  • If the application form is acceptable, the applicant will be interviewed, and their background and experience will be discussed to ascertain suitability.
  • Following successful completion of this interview, an initial telephone check is undertaken on a minimum of five years employment references.

In circumstances where we are unable to obtain a reference due to the cessation of a previous employer or because of unemployment, we will request a breakdown of the applicant’s National Insurance contributions. This breakdown is available from the National Insurance Contribution Agency and confirms grants or credits made, which in turn verifies employment or official unemployment periods. If, however, we are not satisfied with this breakdown we will investigate further.

  • Arrangements can be made to conduct credit checks and Voters Role search.
  • If the applicant is accepted as suitable, he/she is offered a position on a sixteen-week probationary period. During this time, we must receive written references from all previous employers dating back five years or to school leaving age – whichever is appropriate. Also we require two character references.

Vetting procedures are compulsory to ensure we employ the right personnel in the company. All vetting and screening meet the requirements of BS 7858 details the processes that have to be met and adhered to in the vetting and selection of personnel working in a security environment. Part of the vetting and screening procedures is the checking of character and employer references. We will seek references from the DSS, a solicitor or an accountant where an individual has been self-employed.

The company employs no individual until all vetting and screening procedures are complete. You will be required to provide the following documents should your application be successful:

  • Fully completed Application Form
  • Professional references
  • A utility bill not older than three months to confirm current address
  • Proof of right to work in the UK Copy of your passport / Visa
  • National Insurance number
  • Copy of SIA License
  • Driving Licence (optional)

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