Service Spotlight: Retail Loss Prevention

Service Spotlight: Retail Loss Prevention

As a retail business owner, shrinkage and loss of stocks can become a big problem. Shoplifting and internal-staff theft are also issues whether you are a small fruit shop or a massive supermarket. Business owners and managers should take a look at reducing shrinkage and loss prevention to keep the business afloat.

One of our services here in CSS Security is Retail Loss Prevention. We specialise in reducing shrinkage, especially in retail shops. We also help in developing security solutions for businesses – may it be store specific plans or retail chain documents/materials to disseminate to and train the staff.

We also provide loss prevention officers like covert retail offices and store detectives to keep your products secure and reduce stock theft. Our loss prevention officers are professionally trained and will assess your shops to deliver tailor-made solutions. Not all shops are the same, and we always consider variables like the location and the history of a shop to determine the right approach in designing a security strategy. Additionally, we can train your staff on the latest and best practices and techniques in preventing stock losses and theft, and respond to shoplifters appropriately. 

Additionally, we can provide inventory management services to curb internal staff theft. Employees steal stock for many reasons, but taking in charge of stock control by having an inventory management system will save a lot of time and money for business owners. We can provide training for staff and create policies for the business to ensure theft is not happening.

In need of CCTV services? We can provide that too. CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is a system that sends television signals to a limited number of screens, and is often used in shops and public places to prevent crime (Cambridge English Dictionary, 2019). It is a great crime deterrent and we would advise any business to install a CCTV system. We can oversee all store-related CCTV systems – from installation, maintenance and manage footage. We can liaise with the police if an incident occurs, and aide the investigation as needed. We can provide CCTV specialists or train your staff to to develop loss prevention incident reports, develop police correspondence and CCTV documents, provide monthly reports on statistics and incidents.

Shrinkage is a serious problem for retailers, but with a strategic security plan and a real commitment towards staff development, theft policies, and stock audits, you can create a successful low-shrinkage business.


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