Security Guard Jobs: Common Categories

Security Guard Jobs: Common Categories

Public safety has become one of the most critical issues for individuals and corporations these days, and that means that the value of security guard jobs has soared. If you are keen on becoming security personnel, the time is now. As an individual, you can serve in different capacities in the security industry. There are many types of security guard jobs available, and you have the option to choose what kind of job you want to apply and receive training. Here are the most common:

Personal Security Guards

Personal security guards are what people call “bodyguards” or “close protection agents.” They are hired to protect a specific individual. They move along and protect the person wherever he goes. The job doesn’t involve much public interaction, but they are still required to attend their SIA-Accredited training to get certified.

Armed Security Guards

Compared to other security guard jobs, armed security guards have a more difficult job description. As with other security guards, they are responsible for the protection of properties and individuals, but as they are armed, they are in demand in the business fields, or in the affluent area of society. Armed security guards give a different sense of peace and protection to their employers when it comes to the safety of their assets and lives.

Corporate Security Guards

This job description covers a lot of businesses and activities. Companies, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, banks, etc. need security personnel, both for internal and external security measures. This job might require much public interaction as it is a business. Specific training can also be given, with SIA-Accredited courses, to brush up on customer service knowledge.

Static Security Guards

Static security guards are often responsible for monitoring activities from the same spot. They also respond to any unusual event that they might observe from their place. They are usually behind CCTV cameras and monitor daily activities. One must undergo a specific SIA-Accredited course to be a certified CCTV operator. Presence of mind and attentiveness are good traits to have as security personnel whose job doesn’t involve much movement.

Mobile Security Guards

To ensure the security and safety of any establishment or facility, there is a need for mobile (patrolling) security guards. Warehouses, for instance, need security guards who can protect their assets and products by patrolling around the building parameters and its surroundings. Physical fitness is required for this type of job.

Door Supervisors

It’s important to feel safe and secure when you are having a good time. This is where a door supervisor comes in. Usually posted in bars and pubs, door supervisors are trained to screen and spot suspicious-looking individuals and prevent them from going in the establishment. With proper training, it’s easy to land a job as a door supervisor. Physical fitness, attentiveness, and excellent customer service skills are required if you are keen on becoming a door supervisor.

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