What Door Supervisors Should Know About Drugs

What Door Supervisors Should Know About Drugs

It is a sad reality that drug use is a part of the society we all live in. Door Supervisors are more likely to encounter drugs in their line of duty compared to other security personnel. Exposed to this harsh reality door supervisors need to be well trained, well educated and well immersed in all matters related to drugs to execute appropriate measures.

We created a list of things that all door supervisors should know when handling situations involving drugs. It is imperative that any door supervisor should know these:

  1. Understand the drug misuse legislation and identify key zones or areas where the misuse of drugs happens. First things first, you should understand the law, and identify what constitutes “drug misuse” first (see link for more info). Any informed door supervisor will know what to look for, this stems from experience and knowledge. If you are new to security, always listen to the more experienced doormen, it is often a great source of wisdom. Alternatively, try attending a comprehensive door supervisor training is a good starting point to gain more skills and awareness.
  2. Identify signs of drug abuse. It is crucial to differentiate drug abuse and illegal drugs. They are not synonymous to each other, as prescription drugs can also be abused. Special door supervisor training will help in identifying symptoms and aide you in identifying the indicators that are associated with illegal substance abuse.
  3. Identify the common types of illegal drugs and their demographic. A good door supervisor recognises common illegal drugs. Also, it is important for door supervisors to know and identify the demographic that carries a common drug and their disguises. This will make it easier for the door supervisor to conduct searches.
  4. Look out drug deals. Drug deals don’t come with a blueprint. They happen in various ways, and attending a SIA-accredited course will provide you knowledge and details that will provide you insights to the process of drug deals and exchanges. Door supervisors, especially in nightclubs, must be aware of the common places where deals happen, like car parks, toilets, etc. It always pays to be vigilant and in keeping an open mind and a close eye for new trends and developments regarding inconspicuous drug deals.
  5. Handling customers found with drugs. Well-trained door supervisors know how to handle these kinds of situations. Door supervisors need to remember that customers are important – it’s important to be respectful and not aggressive. Exhibiting any negative behaviour can create unfavourable consequences. All CSS Security door supervisors are SIA-licensed, appropriately trained and know the correct protocol in dealing with such customers.
  6. Handling seized illegal drugs. Part of a good door supervisor training is learning how to handle illegal drugs. Being knowledgable to execute these actions will provide a solid mettle for door supervisors to be able to act in such situations, and also dealing with authorities.

Identifying and stopping drugs deals and users as a door supervisor isn’t guesswork. It’s all about having a professional eye that only comes after training and experience.

Understanding that this is a societal problem is a must, and anyone wanting to become a door supervisor must undergo an SIA-accredited training course to gain the important skills and knowledge required. This will ensure success for both the door supervisor, the business and the public, collectively.


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