Being A Security Guard: The Importance Of Customer Service Skills

Being A Security Guard: The Importance Of Customer Service Skills

The security guard’s role is clear enough – to protect the people and the space that they have been assigned. But that’s not it; thinking that that’s how far a security guard’s duty goes would be wrong. Most security guards deal with the public face to face daily – and this is why we say that security guards and customer service go hand in hand.

Understanding Customer Service

There are many reasons why someone is a high-level security guard, but understanding customer service is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of becoming a security guard. Here at CSS Security, we aim to equip and empower our security guards, and today, we are going to talk about how customer service can make you a better security guard.

Customers Always Come First

As a guard, your primary role is to protect people and property – from your employers to their customers – that is within your jurisdiction. It is also your job to deal with people, and it is entirely natural for you to find yourself answering a customer’s questions, or just have a friendly, polite chat.

Listen to the customer – most of them will ask questions and expect clear helpful answers. You can only be effective as long as you listen to what they need, and to what they are after. Listening is another skill that will help you in your career as a security guard – the better you can listen to your colleagues and the public, the better you can help everyone.

People will talk to you and will ask for directions or advise and you have to respond well all the time. Being helpful and engaging with your customers will make them feel safe and relaxed – which is you doing your job!

Be Alert

Being a security guard comes with some very interesting responsibilities, like doing investigations. A good security guard knows when to call the police and report to them. A competent security guard will already prepare an incident report and interview possible witnesses (or suspects) even before the police arrive so that the other members of the public won’t be inconvenienced.

Communicating with Colleagues and Customers

All jobs require excellent communication skills and being a security guard is no exception. When there is an emergency, clearly communicate what is happening to prevent panic. At the same time organise people to avoid accidents and prevent damage to property. It also helps people to do their roles faster, which is extremely helpful not just in emergency situations, but also in the everyday ins-and-outs of the job.

When you become a security guard, you have to be prepared: not just with loss prevention training, but also with customer service skills. Listening, being alert and communicating clearly (and with respect) will give you a good stead in your career as a security guard. You will need to use your communication skills and be understanding of your customers all the time in this job. If you can do this and more, you are on your way to becoming an excellent security guard.

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