Why Women Make Great Security Guards

Why Women Make Great Security Guards

On October 11, most of the world celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child, which aims to empower girls, or on a broader scale, women. Here at CSS Security, we really try our best to promote gender-equality especially in our profession, because we believe men and women should be given equal opportunities.

It is no secret that the most common stereotype of security guards is that of a big, strong man. But don’t be fooled women are as capable in this job as any ‘big, strong man’. We rarely think that it is womanly to be strong, so as a tribute to all girls and women out there, let’s debunk this stereotype with some research:

  • women achieve similar results when responding to violent crime situations
  • women are less likely to engage in unprofessional behaviour/misconduct
  • they have a good record of attendance, just like men
  • they are respected by the public just as much as men
  • like men, women are good at developing and following security protocols

And according this study, women tend to be healthier than men, making them good employees!

From door supervision, security guarding, CCTV surveillance, event security and even close protection, women do just as well as men. So whether you’re looking to outsource or hire in-house security guards, don’t base your decision on gender. A good security guard has the following characteristics:

  • disciplined
  • responsible
  • properly trained
  • licensed
  • insured

As security is a big industry, make sure that your candidate is skilled as well, especially in communication, observation, and decision making. Make sure to take a look at our blog section to help you in choosing what a good security guard is.

In conclusion, if you are reading this because you are researching and in need of professional security personnel/services, just email us here at CSS Security or use the contact form below. We will gladly provide a no obligation quotation to accommodate your needs, with a tailored security solution for your business or property.

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