Cheap Security Guard Services: A Viable Option?

Cheap Security Guard Services: A Viable Option?

“You get what you pay for” – you often hear these words when you’re shopping but is it the same when you’re looking for a security services company? It turns out; it’s yes. When it comes to hiring security guard services, make it a rule to avoid the ones offering the cheapest services.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Inadequate training – Many security services company cut corners by not having their security personnel trained appropriately. Untrained security guards who don’t know how to interact with the public can cause problems and issues in the services you provide. Find security guard companies that train their guards to be professionals. Here at CSS Security, we make sure that all of our guards are all trained, as per Security Industry Authority (SIA) guidelines.

Liability and compensation issues – One of the most common reasons a security service is cheap is because they are not adequately insured. Having insurance is important, especially in the security industry – if the security guard service company doesn’t have one, they can get sued if something happens. Always make it a point to double check their compensation/liability coverage.

Unmotivated personnel – If a security guard is not performing up to your expectations, it may be because he is not well-compensated. Lack of monetary compensation happens a lot in small security-service companies as they cut salary grades to lower business operating costs.

Unqualified personnel – to reduce hiring costs, some security services company hire unqualified candidates. Because of the bad economy, this trend tends to happen more.

No in-field supervisor – Lazy security guards, overaggressive event security guard, absent guard, the list goes on. These safety mishaps occur because security service companies don’t provide an in-field supervisor, leading to security mistakes and issues because of a lack of control and supervision.

Reduced administrative services – A second-rate security company is always going to look to curb costs, and this continues even in the executive branch of the enterprise. These security companies don’t return your calls, don’t provide payroll information, they might over-bill you too!

Unreliability – Cheap security guard services often hire part-time workers to save on hiring costs. There are a lot of drawbacks though, as these workers are not the most reliable. They don’t show up for work, untrained, and unprofessional. And if their personnel does get sick, these cheap companies often don’t have a lot of staff, and thus can’t replace them.

Old security equipment – Going cheap gets you a rag-tag team of security personnel, and the same goes for the equipment used. Investing in adequate security equipment is important, as people’s safety should be a primary concern. Imagine yourself in an emergency and finding all your life-saving equipment useless – that is never good in any scenario.

When you shop for professional security services, don’t just look at bargain prices. Explore all your options first. Remember, you get what you pay for – and you save more money (and get fewer headaches) in the long-run when you opt for a professionally licensed security company.

At CSS Security, we provide professional and affordable security guard services. We never cut corners to ensure you and your property’s safety. All our guards are SIA-licensed and trained. To learn more about our services, email us at or call us on 0121 285 2295.

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