Top Duties Of A Security Guard

Top Duties Of A Security Guard

So what are the duties of a security guard?

The primary objective for a security guard is the prevention of criminal acts and are trained in crime prevention.

Security guards protect and prevent damage or theft of property as well as the safety of staff and customers. The individual role a guard plays is unique to the company or premises they protect, but in general, a guard’s job is to deter crime, guard against dangers, and to notify relevant services when a crime happens.

To prevent crime, a guard must be highly visible as this is intimidating and challenging for criminals to break laws in the vicinity of a person of authority. The majority of crimes are avoided when a guard is highly visible in areas where potential threats like shoplifting, car theft, or break-ins are common place.

To be an effective deterrent, a security guard must be able to work on their initiatives and be vigilant in the event of a potential threat to life, goods or property. Any security guard worth their salt will have sharp senses to be aware of any warning signs that signal something is out of the ordinary.

It is often the case that a security guard is targeted by criminals and attempts to distract them enough so they cannot perform their duties is a regular theme. Anything from an effort to lure a guard away from their post to the painting of a CCTV camera lens can be a trap so that criminals could gain access and commit their crimes. The ability to sense changes that could harm a person or damage property is essential.

Guards prevent crime by reporting it. An excellent guard is never afraid to request help from the nearest police station when in the face of dangerous actions that could cause harm to people. The ability to respond quickly to dangers is critical for anyone thinking about a career as a guard.

Event security is a little different as security guards are there to maintain peace and ensure nothing that can harm attendees and or property is likely to happen.

Monitoring duties are a common responsibility for security guards. Routine procedures such as bag searches and identification checking before allowing a person to enter premises, or checking an employee’s ID before allowing them to enter an office building. These duties can also include the use and maintenance of detection or screening devices to scan people and their belongings for prohibited items.

A security guard assigned to the main entrance would likely act as the receptionist also, requiring an accommodating and friendly nature.

Often when CCTV and other monitoring devices are in use, a guard will be responsible for maintenance so that they all work correctly.

Depending on the requirements of the employers the duties of a security guard duties are often not easy and takes formal training to perform required tasks and respond fast and correctly every time the need arises.

Let’s not forget being a security guard will almost always entail some risk, especially when occurrences of crime happen. With all that said there is no doubt that by having security guards present the safety and security of customers, staff and property are significantly improved.

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