3 Tips Every New Security Guard Needs To Know

3 Tips Every New Security Guard Needs To Know

Standing guard in the snow, rain or mud, is all too common for security guards on patrol, and we at CSS Security know what it’s like out there. We’ve learned all about the little problems that can make guards miserable. We want to pass on some of that advice to younger guards today.

These are some of the tips that we’ve learned in more than 30 years in the industry.

1) The Nightshift: Staying Awake

For almost everyone, it’s hard to stay awake on the night shift. You’re body’s on a weird schedule, it’s late, and usually, there’s not much to do besides make your patrols. So what can you do when you lose energy midway through the shift, or you’re unable to focus on your work and can’t wait to crawl into your bed?

Tips for staying awake and alert:
  • Take a nap before the shift starts, mini rest periods will help keep your energy high.
  • Eat small portions throughout your shift; this will help keep your energy up.
  • Keep moving. When you have downtime during your shift, walk around, stretch, exercise. This movement will keep your blood flowing and your mind awake.
  • Have a caffeinated drink before you begin your shift or earlier on into the night can help keep you alert and focused. Avoid caffeine later on in your shift, as it can make become difficult to fall asleep when you get home.

Working the night shift requires a bit of an adjustment, but once you have a routine that works for you, it can be a great experience.

2) Checking Doors The Right Way

To properly test a door when you’re on patrol, remember the three words: feel, push, and pull.

As you approach any door, put your palm on it first. If the door is hot, that could be a sign of a fire on the other side.

Secondly, push and pull the door, even if you know which way the door is supposed to open. Sometimes, a newly installed door will open in the opposite direction from the original. Or maybe you’re just tired and forgot which way it opens. Whatever, using the push/pull method will ensure that the door is properly secured.

3) Be Alert Not Paranoid

Now, this doesn’t mean you panic every time something goes bump in the warehouse at 0200; it simply means that you don’t overlook a potential threat.

It means every unusual noise or incident is investigated and reported while you’re on duty. If you hear noises that shouldn’t be there; investigate and ensure the safety and security of the facility.

Any criminals looking to get into your facility may sound like rats or some construction. Check it out, rule out whether it is just a rat or a criminal and you stop a crime and save the company thousands of pounds. Especially true if you work in a warehouse that houses high-value material or products.

Several businesses get robbed because neighbouring businesses and employees just thought the noise they heard was construction. If there is any doubt, call the police or your supervisor.

These tips may seem a little odd to some, but learning from those with experience can save you some significant problems when on guard. If possible ask experienced security guards that you work with for their advice.

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