Security Tips for Planning a Safe and Secure Event

Security Tips for Planning a Safe and Secure Event

As the event organiser, it is important to make sure that everyone at the event is as safe as possible. In this article, we share some handy tips for planning a safe and secure function.

Without proper security, even the best-planned events can end up running into trouble. There are many issues to deal with besides logistics, and you will need to take the correct actions. To do this, you’ll need to understand the common problems you’re most likely to face. So, let’s get to it.

Property Theft

Without a doubt the most common threat you’ll face and the most difficult to prevent. If theft is your primary concern, you will need to hire a sufficient amount of security staff and limit access to at-risk areas and expensive equipment.

You should also consider:

Security cameras (CCTV).
Ensure proper ‘Incident reports’ process is in place.


Much less common than theft, but infinitely more dangerous is violence. From attendee aggression to threats of terrorism, your event needs to be aware and prepared for such a possibility.

Steps to take:

Have security staff do a full sweep of the venue before, during, and after an event.
Make sure any Special Guests have ample protection by your staff.
Hire a sufficient amount of security staff to handle potential aggression from the attendees.
Perform all necessary background and record checks of staff to avoid hiring a criminal by mistake.

Risk assessment

Perform a risk assessment early on in the planning stages to identify potential security issues. Take into account the event’s location and profile, how many attendees and special guests will be in attendance. A high profile event with celebrities has very different security concerns than say an event with a large number of participants. The first has more personal protection safety concerns, whereas the latter’s concerns would be the logistics required to evacuate the venue in an emergency.

Evaluation of your risk assessment is the only way to determine the security level you’ll need.

Keep staff and security services in the loop

During the event’s planning phase, we recommend you inform your security services company with up to date schedule and all relevant logistical information. It is easier for them to formulate a suitable security plan that includes venue size, the entrances and exits guests will use as well as the requirements for entry.

It is important that all staff and security are adequately communicated to and are aware of their duties. To ensure safety procedures are adhered to, brief them on the agreed security plan, pointing out any key personnel they will report to.

These are just some common issues to consider; every event has a unique set of security risks. It’s not possible to plan for every eventuality, but with an accurate assessment of your event, you can significantly reduce the threats associated with your event.

In conclusion: It is always good practice to complete a post-event analysis, allowing you to analyse any oversights and ensure your next event is even better! If you require security for your event, do not hesitate to contact us for a chat, advice on event security to hire our services.

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