Is The Security Guard Profession A Good Fit For You?

Is The Security Guard Profession A Good Fit For You?

If you like the feeling you get when helping others, and have a strong sense of duty and a good eye for details, it very well could be. If you’re thinking of taking an SIA accredited training course, here’s what you need to know.

Today, the protection of assets is as important as ever, and the market for security guards in the UK is very healthy, with the demand for competent individuals with the necessary training at an all time high.

Completing the required accredited SIA training courses and finding your first job will surely be the beginning of a fascinating career. You will never have the same day twice and will have significant responsibilities.

However, before starting your security guard training, it’s wise first to understand the job description, required tasks and skill sets relevant to becoming a security guard.

A Security Guard must have good knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, regulations and more. It is important for a Security Guard to learn because these rules and regulations are the basis for all proper procedures taken as the Security Guard.

The security guard job description varies massively according to the type of security you’re applying for, but will most likely include these:

To maintain order and protect property, a Security Guard will keep a close eye on visitors, customers as well as employees. You will guard, patrol, and monitor a business to prevent theft, violence, or rule violations. At times you may be required to use physical strength to apprehend or eject violators from a property.

Many of the roles a Security Guard undertakes will demand the operation of detection devices to detect prohibited items and stop them from entering premises.

Occasionally, Security Guards are expected to be able to escort individuals and provide personal protection at a particular location. Security Guards also drive and guard armoured vehicles transporting money and valuables to ensure a safe delivery.

A Security Guard must be able to operate security systems and equipment, but also to maintain and detect any attempts at tampering.

Security Guards write reports detailing daily activities and highlighting any out of the ordinary occurrences. So a guard must be able to read and write with correct grammar and spelling.

Furthermore, a Security Guard is often required to have at least a basic knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet programs for entering information into a database.

While on duty, a Security Guard must be fast-acting and good at communicating. You will need the ability to be calm when under duress and talk coherently with emergency services when necessary. You will also work closely with people of various ethnic backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.

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