Do you need to make changes to the security of your business?

Do you need to make changes to the security of your business?

Need help deciding if any security changes are necessary for your business? We have put together a list of some of the typical duties security guards perform on a regular basis.

  • Protection – Security guards prevent and deter crime while protecting your interests and the safety of staff and premises.
  • Access Control – Security guards can monitor who is going in and out of a location, ensuring there are no trespassers at a property or an event.
  • Static/Mobile Patrols – Guard patrolling is an excellent way to protect an area from crime happening.
  • Emergency Response – Our security guards have training in first aid and CPR and can cope with all sorts of medical-related emergencies and crises.

Keep reading if you’re still unsure whether or not you need to make security changes.

You need a security guard service if you’re:

  1. Worried about Crime and Vandalism on Premises – Unattended property can quickly become a place for criminal activity and vandalism. With security guards regularly patrolling the area, it will keep your property, and staff safe.
  2. Having Issues with Access Control – Security guards can protect entry points with ease. In contrast, access control systems are usually very expensive to maintain and upkeep, requiring regular maintenance and often become nothing more than an ineffective turnstile.
  3. You Have a lot of Visitors and Guests at your Property – Using a security guard can quickly put in place a system that monitors who is going in and out of your business. A proven and effective way to protect against theft.
  4. Having Problems with Employee and Customer Theft – A security guard helps keep employees honest. Employee thefts are a big problem, with employee dishonesty consequently costing UK businesses more than £190 billion annually.
  5. Experiencing Heightened Levels of Violence around your Business – If crime rates in your area are rising, maybe a wise investment is additional security. Hiring a security guard will minimise any threat of vandalism, burglaries and other criminal acts.
  6. Worried about Protecting your Sensitive or Confidential Information – Today, corporate espionage can cause real damage to a business. Working together with an experienced security guard company can help protect your confidential information.
  7. Concerned about Police Response Time – With the continued cuts in funding, police forces find themselves understaffed. An on-site security guard will help you with in an emergency. All our security guards are trained to handle situations such as physical altercations, medical emergencies, etc.
  8. Open Late or Employees Stay Late – Security guards provide protection during those late-night hours providing personal protection for your employees.
In conclusion

If you’re experiencing any of these situations and you want to consult with a professional security guard company. We can help provide you with a plan on how to protect your business. Connect with CSS Security use the form below to contact a member of the team.

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