Thinking Of Hiring Security Guards? Here’s What You Need To Know

Thinking Of Hiring Security Guards? Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you manage a commercial building, run a warehouse or own/operate a retail store business? Maybe you’re holding a one off event or are engaged in a remotely-located construction project.

Or come to think of it, any one of the many reasons you might find yourself considering the safety and security of your property, business, and the staff you have responsibility for.

Whatever the reason, most people who are responsible for the safety of personnel and the seamless operation of a business, will find themselves asking, “is this the time for me to hire professionally trained security guards?”

This question is not easy to answer, as is common with most important decisions you make, especially in business. There are many different security guard services to fit a variety of roles; these will depend largely on the nature of your business. So how do you evaluate your specific needs and decide on the best solution out there?

Thankfully, there are many tried and tested industry standards and practices that will be able to guide you through the decision process, providing you with an ideal solution for your particular situation.

Firstly, determine your specific needs

Before approaching a security services company, you will want to ascertain for yourself, what exactly are the roles a security guard can fill which are correct for your company, event, or property?

Then ask yourself:
  1. Do you need a security guard for access control? A primary role for trained security professionals.
  2. Do you require CCTV cameras and other technology to let you know when a security breach has occurred, together with a highly-qualified security staff that will respond, appropriately and in real time?
  3. Do you want security guard services as they are a proven deterrent to criminals, due to their presence and training?
  4. Do you have specific needs such as event security, school security, fire watch services, construction site security guards, or disaster response?
You should know:

SIA Trained and licensed security guards provide those specialised services, and much more. They send a powerful message to customers and staff, a message that shows a commitment from your company to providing a safe and secure place of business.

Now that you have decided on your requirements and what you need from your security guards, it’s critical to get a security services specialist involved to ensure you receive guards who are trained, licensed, insured, and ultimately – professional.

The hard part, of course, is finding a reliable, high-quality service that will provide you with guards to your complete satisfaction. It’s not easy, as not all security guard services are the same, they don’t all have the experience, resources, or know-how to deliver the best in professional performance.

Without a doubt, the best way forward is to look for an established and highly-regarded security services company, one that offers SIA training and is committed to providing quality of service. CSS Central Ltd is an industry leader based in Birmingham and looks after the interests of several well known blue chip clients. We specialise in taking the worry of maintaining your security guards out of your hands.

Working with CSS Central Ltd has many benefits, and guarantees your guards will be SIA licensed, have ongoing training in all facets of their job, and are fully insured.

Afterall, you will be entrusting these guards with a big responsibility, so only the best and most professional will do. Contact us today for a tailored solution to your security needs.

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