What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Guards Over Direct Hire?

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Guards Over Direct Hire?

What makes your business successful? Sure, your products or services, your sales and the fantastic customer service you provide. However, to maintain this excellent business performance, tasks such as hiring security services are important also. So, what is the best practice; direct hire or outsourcing?

For your company to focus on what it does best, we believe it is wise to outsource certain tasks that fall outside of this expertise, and we will discuss here the contract hiring of security personnel.

Of course, it is always an option to hire security personnel directly, but is the ‘juice worth the squeeze’?

Having a third-party company look after your security needs has never been easier or more reliable. Security agencies have to work with stringent rules and are governed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), ensuring quality service and the utmost professionalism. It is also cost-effective as hiring a security officer directly will most likely result in higher operating costs compared to a monthly contracted rate for the same security requirements. For example:

Supplies and equipment.

A third-party security company will have these readily available, so no need to purchase anything additional.

Risk and liability.

Companies that hire security personnel directly assume responsibility for the selection and training of the officers. They are also liable for any actions (or inactions) made during incidents or emergencies. Conversely, a company that outsources its security needs parlays the responsibility and the risk to the third-party supplier; potentially reducing insurance premiums and the number of claims made.


A security company has one goal: to provide quality security. Meaning you are assured of expertise as the company background-check, train, equip and uniform their guards. You are also guaranteed these guards are experienced and competent. The security company’s management understands your needs (often better than you do, they are experts after all), as they usually come from diverse security backgrounds, ensuring that they can satisfy all your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.


An outsourced guard answers to your company but also answer to their own. The guard’s actions, logs, reports, activities, etc. are checked by both you and the security agency, resulting in an improved service.


A hired third-party security company can readily provide any additional security staff as needed. Unlike in-house security guards who require you to, train and equip the part-time help (which can be financially taxing) OR having some members of the staff assist the security team out, impacting upon your business’ normal operations.

Cost Effectiveness

By hiring security personnel directly, you are hiring full-time employees, and that means taxes, social security contributions, employee benefits like paid holidays, overtime, annual raises, staff relief, not to mention the background checks, training, uniforms, equipment, etc.

In Conclusion:

Despite the cost-saving impact and all the other advantages of outsourcing security staff, some companies still decide to hire security staff directly. The hesitation usually stems from a misconception that security companies “lack quality”. This concern is occasionally justified as there are security companies that operate inappropriately. However, there are also a lot of well-run security companies that can be trusted and are capable of providing more than adequate security needs. The challenge lies in finding them. Look no further as CSS Central is SIA-accredited and has attained ISO 9001 certification. We have also been operating for 25 years and are committed to providing you with the best service.

For more information on our services and how we can tailor security personnel to your individual needs, contact us on info@css-central.co.uk.

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