Beating boredom on the job

Beating boredom on the job

Just like all the other jobs out there, a security guard’s job can sometimes become monotonous, especially for those who work the night shift. When everything becomes so dark and quiet; it can often be incredibly boring.

It is imperative that a guard maintains focus and attention on the job, as it’s his duty to keep a property safe or to protect people from harm. If a security guard becomes bored or tired, he can’t be performing at the best of his abilities as his focus is impaired.

Here at CSS-Central, we believe that when someone likes their job, they’ll do it excellently and also perform well.

We have listed down several things to make things a little bit easier, especially when boredom comes into play.

Move it

One of the easiest things anyone can ever do when focus flails and boredom sets in is to get moving and keep the blood flowing.

Security guards can often find themselves sat in one place for extended periods of time, and when that happens, boredom can quickly rob you of attention and awareness.

Walking along the premises of the property every hour will help you when things get a bit too slow. Not only are you increasing your attention span, but you’re also widening the scope of your patrol.

Of course, there are certain things to remember: make sure that you don’t stick to a particular schedule as thieves can clock on to it. Of course, the amount patrolling possible is dependent on a particular job, but most security positions require some patrolling, to ensure everything is secure. As a security expert, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor about adding more walks to your shift, especially if your security designation is behind a desk watching CCTV security video feeds.

Take more notes

Since most security guards need to submit reports after every shift, another way to keep your mind sharp on the job is to make notes. Don’t wait until the end of each patrol to write your report. Do it while the details are still fresh!

Working on your report throughout the night (or day) provides a different perspective, and at the same time, it helps break up the hours and makes the job more interesting. It will also demonstrate to your employers and supervisors that you are always “on the job”, staying active and completely dedicated.

Other suggestions

  • Do simple exercises. You don’t have to go all out and break a sweat down the hallway – you can do some basic movements every hour or so, and it can also keep you in shape. There are a lot of exercises you can do behind the desk, so better get on it.
  • Do not be tempted to eat just because you’re bored. But if you do, be mindful of what you eat. Do not fall into the trap of consuming junk food. Invest in some healthy snacks, like raisins, carrot sticks, granola bars, and nuts. Just remember to keep it healthy and avoid sugar – the crash isn’t pretty and may leave you feeling worse.
  • Last but not the least, we suggest playing observation games to exercise your mental faculties while on the job. For example, you can take the number of steps on how many steps it takes for you to finish a patrol. You can count exit doors, fire alarms – or count how many people are wearing blue neckties, or how many people are blonde. There is no limit to what you can do here. Games like this can help your mind stay focused, nimble, and it helps your awareness levels – and ultimately enhance your job performance.

The important thing to remember here is that your job comes first – don’t get so wrapped up in a particular exercise that you get distracted from your duties. Being a security guard isn’t always exciting, but if you get bored, use some of these tips to beat the boredom, and be proud of the fact that your job is keeping people and property safe.

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