Tips For A Trouble Free Event

Tips For A Trouble Free Event

Event security is much more than assigning men in suits on the entrance. For every event that CSS Central coordinate, there is a team of dedicated security professionals protecting the venue and guests from the potential disruption and their inherent dangers. Hiring a security service like CSS Central is extremely important, we know how to monitor the crowd and spot any potentially threatening behaviour, we then act before things escalate.

Here are our tips for a safe event, ensuring you function is secure and enjoyable for your guests.

  1. Choose The Venue Carefully.
    Firstly, consider the location, we advise you to create a checklist of questions to ask staff at the venue. Remember to enquire what the evacuation plans are, emergency exit locations, what medical staff are on-site. These questions are essential for any high-profile event.
  2. Provide Guest With Security Information.
    Make sure you inform your guests of the security measures in place and that security professionals will, for example; search their purse/bag or maybe they will need to pass through a X-ray machine. A good example to use are the security measures at an airport, you can explain they will be similar. You should also warn of any cutoff time for late arrivals if applicable. This can save your security staff a lot of stress by avoiding any confusion of rules regarding entry prior to the event.
  3. Don’t Wait To Source Your Security Expert.
    The hiring of security guard services should be your initial priority, do not leave this to the last minute as preparation for your event starts early, with site inspections and meeting with the on-site security team. This especially important if you require advanced security methods such as bomb-sniffing dogs, metal detectors, and/or a X-ray machines. As you can imagine, this all requires advanced notice and intensive preparation.
  4. What Are The Threats Associated?
    Bomb threats are unlikely, but there are certain security risks that can be a potential threat to safety of your guests. Before any event, make sure a security services company assesses all the risks both inside and outside the venue. Remember to include encouraging communications and keep in regular contact with your employees.
  5. Complete A Risk Assessment.
    It is important to complete a thorough risk assessment before any event. Keep the above tips handy as you plan your successful and safe event. CSS Central’s security officers will ensure your event runs smoothly. We will ensure the crowd remain safe, the location is secure all contributing to the success of your event.

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