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Typical Duties of a Security Guard

Typical Duties of a Security Guard

Security guards, unlike police, are trained to provide preventive measures when crime and violence happens. Police react, they show up after a crime has been committed. Security guards on the other hand reduce the risk of a crime happening in the first place. That’s how important the role of a security guard is, and all the duties of the job are aimed at this most important objective (the prevention of crime). Here are the top duties of the job.

  1. Be vigilant and alert. A good security guard watches out for any danger that may arise from any situation. Because of this, keen observation skills and sharp senses are a must. He should sense when something is wrong in a situation, when someone is trying to divert attention. He should decipher strange sounds, as it might be that someone is trying to pry open a door. He should have a clear eyesight to see what happens 20 feet away.
  2. Maintain order. Since security guards handle safety in a large community, he should know how to handle crowds and maintain order. This is important to ensure safety of property and lives that he is protecting.
  3. Keep property safe. Security guards ensure that a property and all the inhabitants are safe and undisturbed. Good guards keep an eye out for those who are getting inside the property, supervise activities inside the property, review security cameras and routinely walking in the premises, to achieve presence and to keep the order.
  4. Interact with guests. When entering a building, how many times have you been stopped by the guard to show your identity? These guards are doing their job well. Security guards have to confirm someone’s identity and ensure that he is a welcome guest inside the premises he is having his duty in. Not only this is ensuring safety, it is also helpful as the guard has to escort the guest to his destination in the property. That said, a security guard needs to interact with guests a lot.
  5. Respond quickly and appropriately during crisis. A good security guard prevents crisis from happening. This can’t be true all the time though, as crisis just happens sometimes, even if you took a lot of precautions. A security guard needs to be aware of his surroundings to respond quickly when the need is apparent. Therefore, a guard should be alert and focused to avoid being caught unaware. Now certain things differ from guard to guard, like how to respond to crisis. It also varies according to the threat. A good guard knows that not all the strategies and skills are applicable for a single case. Instead, a good guard knows how to respond well with a learned skill to address a situation.

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  1. Why dont retail security have the same training as door supervisors like the Physical Intervention as we have just as much if not more abusive and violent customers?

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