What Makes A Good Security Guard?

What Makes A Good Security Guard?

Your role as a security guard is to ensure safety – amongst the people, the things and places that you are assigned to. With that in mind, you should have special traits that should equip you in succeeding in your job. Whether you work at the mall or an office, you have an important job to do as a security guard. Employers look for responsible and mature people to fulfill the role of a security personnel, specifically a security guard.

We at CSS Central believe that it is important to hire and train the right person for the job. Here are the five characteristics of a great security guard.

  1. Honest. Honesty is the most important trait in this list. Security personnel should be trustworthy as they provide their services to different industries, especially those that are high-value. Since you are responsible for securing access to businesses and their goods, you should be honest. If a guard isn’t honest, he is putting the business at risk and he might steal. This is why it’s important to have background checks to make sure that a prospective security guard has not committed any dishonest activity.
  2. Alert. If you want to excel as a security guard, you have to have a keen attention to detail and be alert. A good security guard uses his surveillance techniques to ensure safety in the areas that he oversees. It is necessary to keep focused or risk missing something in the scenario. He must remember the details and write down reports as well.
  3. Calm Temperament. A security guard should not be riled up easily, or easily get angry. If you are a person like that, then you are not a good candidate for a job. Why? Part of the job description of a security guard is to handle disputes and disruptions that might arise from tense situations. For example, when a child is lost in a mall, a calm attitude must be provided to soothe the scared child and anxious parents. A good security guard, therefore, should know how to control and use appropriate emotions to control a situation.
  4. Good Communication Skills. A great security guard knows how to communicate well. Sometimes, when diffusing a tough situation, all you need is clear communication. Clear, courteous communication goes a long way in handling disputes, interruptions and other stressful scenarios. Communication also allows for clear and accurate incident reports, as well as status reports.
  5. Physically Fit. A guard must be physically fit to handle any situation: security breach, altercation or any threat in terms of safety. He should exercise regularly and keep at the healthy weight. He may need to subdue and hold a person, or perhaps chase a suspect. An unfit guard may not be able to perform the role optimally if he is not in his top shape.

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